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MomWine: [mom-wine] (noun) 1) any wine, consumed by any Mother, at any point, after becoming a parent. Example: “Ok, kids are all down and after that day, it’s high time to unwind with a nice glass of MomWine.”

Unwelcome crayon murals, suddenly picky eaters, bath time flood zones, toddler tantrums & the go to bed blues: all parts of motherhood & all made a bit more tolerable with a goblet of MomWine, the ultimate “Whine Remedy.” is more than a website, we’re a social community of mothers all faced with the similar challenges of parenting. We all just happen to love good wine and figured the two topics paired nicely together. What’s better than improving as a mother through your maternal colleagues while collectively reviewing fine wines?

That right; nothing, now welcome to MomWine.

Interested in leading a local MomWine collective? If so, please use this form & apply.

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